Spacer Hook

Spacer HookThe Spacer Hook is made in highly resistant steel. Using it on concrete reinforcement is fast and economical. The Spacer Hooks are based on the same principle that was conceived for the Stable Binders: they make it possible to fasten the reinforcing rods and to distance the same from the wall form in a single solution.

A plastic cover is applied at the end of the Hook, except for item 6/8, which is made of a special anti-oxidizing steel: this to prevent oxidation and corrosion damage against the manufactured concrete item

Available Types and Sizes:

Rod diameter
Distance from the form expressed in mm.
4-4 10-15-20-25
4-5 10-15-20-25
5-5 10-15-20-25
5-6 10-15-20-25
6-6 10-15-20-25
6-8 10-15-20-25


Number of items per package: 3000