Forms for single use

Forms for single useCimes distributes throughout Italy Formwork Systems for single use, made up of a cardboard tube achieved by the over-bonding of recycled paper fiber strips and other materials. This procedure provides high resistance against the concrete casting and optimal external finishing. The formworks have features such as regularity, lightness, impermeability and manageability that make it possible to save while implementing or dismantling a project, thanks to a quick formwork removal system.

Concrete can be poured into the form to make circular, square, rectangular or polygonal columns, but also on the outside, as to create empty spaces built-in for pipelines and various pipes (water pipes, electrical ducts, phone ducts, ventilation ducts, heating ducts, etc.). They are ready for use and they make it possible to implement a complete series of pillars simultaneously and in a single day, therefore allowing you to save on costs. The final result is indisputable: the concrete presents with excellent finishing after formwork removal.

Usually, the forms available in stock are the ones with a standard height, from 3 to 3.5 to 4 meters and with a diameter from 150 to 1200 mm. Other non-standard heights can be offered at no extra cost from a minimum of 1 meter to a maximum of 12. Different types are available to achieve final surfaces that are perfectly smooth or spiral.

Forms for single use STORAGE

We recommend storing the forms in a vertical position and by avoiding contact with wet surfaces.


The installation of framework inside the form is done in the traditional system. The internal part makes it useless to resort to concrete release agent. While inserting the form, make sure not to damage the inside. Pose in work is very quick and can be performed with the help of the traditional systems.


In order to achieve an optimal and uniform result, we recommend casting more columns at once. After casting, vibrate with traditional methods inside the iron frame work. Do not vibrate externally with tools or equipment.


The formwork removal must be carried out within 5 days after casting. The formwork removal can easily be carried out by cutting the form vertically with a knife or cutter, or with the quick formwork removal system already inserted in certain types of form. Then, open the form by pulling on the two edges and free the pillar. To protect the pillar for the remaining work period on the working site, place the two semicircular parts back around the pillar and secure them.


Our forms are made with recyclable materials.